ISA Certification # WE1415A
Insured: public liability &
property damage

Johnny Sevier Provides:

  • Expert witness testimony (defendant/plaintiff) for tree accidents from the initial legal proceedings through trial.
  • On-site accident investigation, assessment, liability evaluation, technical advice to counsel, and pre-underwriting inspection claims.
  • Consultation and advice for safe work practices and reckless hiring (of unqualified persons), accidents involving child electrocution, wrongful death and injury, electrocution of tree climber/ worker or any other accident involving trees are just a few of the services you can expect when you call on Johnny Sevier as your Tree Accident Expert Witness.
  • Consultations for risk management are also available for public entities, i.e. power companies, as well as consultations and inspections on insurance claims and exposure inspections for insurance carriers.

Contact Johnny Sevier today for consultations, availability for witness and trial appearances and fee structure.


Johnny Sevier
Retained On Over 150 Tree Accident Cases From California to Puerto Rico.


Intervenor for the California Public Utilities Commission. (G.O. 95, Rule 35 minimum distance tree / power line clearance) 


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